EV Chargers and Charge Points

AA Electrical Wholesaler offers a range of EV charging solutions from the UK’s leading providers for the trades. We offer workplace and home EV chargers, as well as a wide range of additional charge points.

Closeup of power supply plugged into an modern electric car. Electric or EV car charging station.

Workplace EV Charging Solutions

We offer workplace EV chargers that are smart and allow businesses to track the amount of electricity used by their employees. The chargers we stock also provide companies with digital reports on how much electricity is being used, so that company owners or fleet managers can be sure that their employees are not over-using the power supply.

Home EV Charging Solutions

We stock a wide range of home charge points from high quality manufacturers. Our range includes both single and double chargers, as well as units with different power outputs to suit your needs.

Back of black car with plugged charger during fueling process

As a trades person you need to be flexible to offer the best and most cost effective solution for your clients. So don’t settle for the first EV charging company that claims to offer the best quality service. At AA Electrical Wholesalers, we’re known for our reliability, competitive prices, and most importantly our honestly.

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