We have a wide range of needs when it comes to wiring accessories. From the basics of installation to the more advanced requirements for data centers and other high tech commercial applications.

Wiring accessories that meets your needs

We understand that wiring accessories are a critical component of any electrical installation and you need only the best products to guarantee the safest and most cost effective long term solutions.

The wire accessories include:

– Fuses
– Switches & Sockets
– Cable clamps
– Wire nuts
– Wire connectors
– Housing for wire connectors

Wiring accessories you can trust

From plug sockets to cable containment. Whether you are looking for plain moulds or decorative wiring accessories. AA electrical Wholesalers can provide the perfect solution.

We realise that if cables are not properly contained they can cause a number of problems such as tripping hazards, fire hazards and even damage to the cables themselves. We also realise that this containment needs to be displayed in a stylish and professional finish, which is why we provide only the best and most reliable wiring accessories.

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